Call For Data Extension Requests

The NAACCR standard for timeliness for central registry data is that data are available within 23 months after the end of the calendar year. The submission deadline for the NAACCR Call for Data reflects this standard. Individual registries, however, may occasionally encounter extraordinary events that may delay the submission of data. In these circumstances, an extension to the deadline for the Call for Data may be requested. Consideration will be given to extraordinary events at the registry on a case-by-case basis. Requests for extensions beyond the submission date, stated in the NAACCR Call for Data letter, must be made in writing to the NAACCR office and will be reviewed by the CINA Production Subcommittee.  Each request must detail the reasons for the late submission and include an anticipated date that the data will be submitted. [Updated 06/06/05]
Each request will be considered relative to the timelines for the processing of the CINA data and production of the CINA publication.  Consideration will be given to extraordinary events that affect the registry and are beyond the control of the registry.   Requests for extensions more than 2 weeks beyond the published submission date may affect the inclusion of the registry's data in CINA as well as their registry certification status.

Date Passed: 11/23/2004