Host And Non-Hosted Invitations For Annual Conference

Beginning with the 2010 annual conference, NAACCR will entertain venues as either hosted or non-hosted selections. A HOSTED venue will result from a member extending a written invitation to the NAACCR Board to hold the conference within their geographic jurisdiction. Before accepting the invitation of a proposed HOST, the NAACCR Board will ascertain that there are appropriate cities and hotels (in size, cost, and location). The HOST will convene and chair a Program Committee to plan the content of the conference and work with NAACCR staff in organizing the concomitant workshops. The HOST will work closely with the Executive Office staff and the conference planner on all administrative and logistical aspects of the conference.

A NON-HOSTED venue will result from any of the following situations: the Board chooses a venue without an invitation by a local member; a member offers to chair the Program Committee only; or a member offers to assist with local logistics or on-site support only. In a NON-HOSTED venue, the Board will approach local members to inquire about interest in participating in the planning or implementation of the annual conference before the meeting location is made public. In a NON-HOSTED venue, the Board will identify a Program Chair and Committee.

The purpose of this policy is to open up options for meeting venues to include all places in the United States and Canada. It is becoming increasingly difficult to identify venues, even when HOST invitations are received, that are sufficiently large, have relatively easy and reasonable air travel access, and are also cost-affordable to our membership. Non-hosted venues also extends the opportunity for more members to participate, in part, in the conduct of the annual conference without total responsibility for all aspects of the meeting. Finally, expanding the options can result in the removal of the label, “host,” which has precluded some registries from extending an invitation to hold the annual conference.

Date Passed: 11/21/2006