Consequences Of Outstanding Membership Dues

NAACCR Membership dues shall be payable no later than December 31st each year. If a NAACCR member has not paid membership dues by the dates listed below, the following consequences will apply: A. January 31st-They will not be allowed to vote for NAACCR officers. They will not be allowed to vote at the annual business meeting. Their staff cannot run for election.-Staff representation on committees MAY be discontinued. They will not be published in NAACCR lists such as the Membership Directory, on the website, and on letterhead. Staff will not receive reduced rates to attend the annual conference. B. If no payment is made by June 1st then the Board will review membership status. The Board will vote on the proper action as to the status of membership, schedule of past dues, and future dues at the June Board meeting. If the Board votes to delete the membership and the member seeks to be reinstated as a NAACCR member they will be required to reapply for membership.

Date Passed: 1/17/2001