Workshop Development Guidelines

All workshops will be planned and budgeted to break even at low enrollment. Workshops will not be cancelled due to low enrollment. The hardships and costs on NAACCR members and workshop presenters caused by canceling an announced workshop due to low enrollment are substantial. All instructors shall be offered an honorarium. All participants shall expect continental breakfast and light refreshments during breaks. Workshops shall be offered at a frequency that maximizes attendance. Procedures: A. Planning/Logistics The NAACCR Program Manager for Education and Training (PMET) will coordinate the planning for all workshops, in conjunction with the Professional Development Steering Committee and the Program Committee All proposed training opportunities must be submitted using the Proposed Workshop Submission Forms; to the PMET for approval by the Professional Development Steering Committee at least 9 months in advance of the annual conference. The agenda and speaker list must be reviewed and approved by the Professional Development Steering Committee 180 days prior to the Annual Conference. Scheduling of workshops at the Annual Conference is at the discretion of the Program Committee. The Professional Development Steering Committee is responsible for deciding the topic of the Advanced Course(s). A workgroup, assigned by the Professional Development Steering Committee, will develop the course agenda(s). SEER is responsible for the content, speakers, and printed or electronic materials for the SEER*Stat and SEER*Prep workshops; NAACCR is responsible for registration and arranging equipment, electrical connections, and food. B. Financial: The PMET will work with the lead instructor, Program Committee, and NAACCR Chief Operating Officer to develop a course budget and fee structure based on expected attendance such that the course will break even at the minimum expected enrollment. The budget will include provisions for travel, honoraria, food, A-V, and room rentals. This budget must be included as part of the submissions materials for the proposed workshop since expected attendance, faculty fees, and other course materials affect the feasibility of offering courses at or below the maximum guideline for workshop registration fees. Based on the enrollment history for ongoing courses and the timeliness of topics for Advanced Courses, the PMET, or designated NAACCR staff, will develop attendance estimates for each course. If the expected attendance is too low to allow offering a course at a reasonable fee, the PMET or the Professional Development Steering Committee chair will provide the Board with a recommendation that the course not be offered that year. The Board will make a final determination prior to announcement of the course. Each speaker will designate on the speaker agreement form whether an honorarium will be accepted, with the amount offered following current NAACCR guidelines. The honorarium shall be assured from the workshop revenues, or when revenues unexpectedly fall short, other revenue will be used.

Date Passed: 2/15/2006