Meeting Behavior and Expectations

Background: NAACCR's success in achieving its goals and objectives is accomplished through collaboration among volunteer members, professional staff and sponsoring membership organizations. NAACCR prides itself in conducting successful, meaningful, and productive meetings to foster such collaboration. However, NAACCR has recently hosted several conference calls during which discussion has taken a turn that has made members feel uncomfortable and perhaps intimidated by the unprofessional behavior of others. NAACCR chairs are well skilled in managing diverse opinions and encouraging the consideration of all viewpoints. However, when the discussion gets out of control or is monopolized by a single individual or group, steps must be taken to ensure that all parties remain respectful and professional.

We request that all Steering Committees inform their various subgroups of NAACCR’s policy on expected professional behavior by reading/distributing the following statement:

Policy: All NAACCR meetings are to be conducted in a civil manner to promote open discourse, free from intimidation, harassment, bullying, and other disrespectful behavior. Individuals who lead NAACCR-sponsored meetings are charged with ensuring that all meetings are conducted in a civil and respectful manner. In the event that one or more participants in a NAACCR-sponsored meeting do not adhere to these standards of behavior, meeting leaders are encouraged to immediately terminate the meeting and, as soon as is reasonably possible, report the infraction to the NAACCR Executive Director and/or the NAACCR President. In a timely manner, the NAACCR Executive Director and the NAACCR President will review the infraction and take steps to prevent the recurrence of such behavior; such steps may include, but are not limited to: 1) Contacting the offender(s) to make them aware of their actions and to request that they adopt appropriate behavior in all future meetings; 2) issuing a verbal or written warning to the offender(s) that such behavior will not be tolerated; and 3) notifying the offender’s(s’) supervisor(s) of the inappropriate behavior. In the event the offensive behavior continues or is egregious, the NAACCR Board of Directors may vote to bar the offender(s) from participating in NAACCR activities.

Date Passed: 6/14/2015