Connie Percy Award For Member

The Constance L Percy Award for Distinguished Service is to recognize an individual who contributed exceptional volunteer service to NAACCR during the past 12 months, or sustained, current, and long-term contributions to the organization. Since this is the NAACCR distinguished service award, lifetime or long term service to the profession of cancer surveillance does not qualify as exceptional volunteer service to NAACCR (see policy on Calum Muir Award or Resolutions). Nominations are sought annually from the NAACCR membership-at-large. The award may be bestowed once each year usually at the Annual Conference. More than one award may be given in any year. No limit is placed on the number of times an individual may be recognized by the Constance L. Percy Award for Distinguished Service. Other than for truly exceptional service, sitting Board members and NAACCR staff should be excluded from eligibility of this award.

Date Passed: 3/17/2004