Cancellation Of NAACCR Annual Conference

A decision to cancel the NAACCR Annual Conference or any in-person meeting of the organization due to disaster or other emergency can only be made by a vote of the Board of Directors. The Board will consult with the Executive Director who will have both input and vote on the cancellation decision. As soon as the President or Executive Director is aware of a disaster or emergency situation that may impact severely the ability to hold the meeting or to travel to the meeting, an emergency conference of the board will be convened as soon as possible without regard to normal business hours. Every effort will be made to convene a quorum. If a quorum cannot be achieved, the vote will be taken with all available Board members. No proxy votes will be accepted. All Board members will ensure that the NAACCR executive office has current business and personal contact information, including office contacts, cell phone, pager, home phone number, home email address, or any other communication device that could be used to contact them in an emergency situation regardless of time of day.

Date Passed: 10/22/2003