Background Checks On New Hires

NAACCR will conduct background and credit checks for any new hire as permitted by law. A check will be conducted on the top applicant for a NAACCR position as a last step in the hiring process. A negotiated offer will be contingent upon the outcome of the checks. Should checks reveal any questions about the suitability of the applicant, the decision about proceeding with a hire will be at the discretion of the NAACCR Executive Director, in consultation with, if necessary, NAACCR’s auditing firm, attorney, Board of Directors, or other advisors. All checks required for the Executive Director position will be handled by the NAACCR Board of Directors. This screening process and authorization will be included in the NAACCR Personnel Policy Handbook and implemented in the interview process. In consideration of individual privacy, results of the checks may be destroyed as long as a notarized document is substituted in the employee file describing the checks that were conducted, summarizing the results of the checks, and explaining why the applicant was hired.

Date Passed: 3/16/2011